Special Precision Cutting Tools, Solid Carbide Endmill, Taper Endmill, Solid Carbide Drill, Step Drill, Solid Carbide Reamer, Burnishing Tool, Special Cutting Tools, Ball Nose Endmill, Malaysia Cutting Tool Specialist 


  Solid Carbide Endmill / Taper Endmill
  Solid Carbide Drill / Step Drill
  Solid Carbide Reamer / Burnishing Tool
  Special Cutting Tools

Our products include solid carbide endmill, ball-nose endmill, taper endmill, reamer, burnishing tool and drill. We are also specialize in design & manufacture special tools such as step drills & special end mills ranging from diameter 3mm to 25mm.

At Waytech, we are able to tailor made tools that meets your specifications & requirements.





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